Saturday, February 8, 2014

K5 Week 24


Math: Saxon 1, Lesson 72-75

I feel like we’re getting a little behind in Saxon, although we’re still probably halfway through the book. I just don’t want to bombard her with too many addition & subtraction facts at one time, especially when I don’t feel as if she’s really grasped all the ones we’ve covered. And that’s where we are in the book now is addition facts. So we’re practicing, doing games, and every now & then adding in a new concept.

We practiced a lot with money, doing a coin sort worksheet.


And then we played the Grocery Store Game. I picked out several items from my pantry and gave them monetary values between 1 & 85 cents. Then I gave L coins and a paper “receipt.” I listed two items that she had to “buy.” She had to bring me those items and then pay for them with real money. Then we learned how to add double digits by simply recounting all the money together once we’d paid for each item separately. She did really well on this and felt so good about herself! Of course then they just wanted to play with the money and the food for awhile, which I figured!


I found a neat Penguin Board game that we used two different ways. Basically its just a “move your character around the board” game. So the first time we used addition flashcards and each time she rolled a dice she moved that many spaces then answered an addition problem.


We played a little with pattern blocks. Little Brother totally gets covering the shapes, like a puzzle. He seems to be quite mathematically inclined already, even if he doesn’t even know all his letters yet! L got a little frustrated trying to cover her shape (the lines for the individual pieces were not filled in for her) and did it wrong, but I didn’t push it, because the lesson really focused more on graphing what pieces you used.

IMG_4659  IMG_4660


Reading: OPGTR, Lesson 78-83

I can’t believe how well we’re doing in reading. I read a blog recently where someone researched what grade level the student has reached at certain points in Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading. And according to this, L is probably between a 1st & 2nd grade reading level! Now, I know there is no way she could go pick up a 2nd grade reading book and be able to read the whole thing, but she might at least be able to read all the words in it. She picks things up so quickly I don’t even have to teach her.

So our new routine is basically each day I’ll write the words from the OPGTR Lesson onto a white board, explain the rule then just read through them. Then later we’ll do a review game or read a story out of the book or off the IPad.


I found these great long vowel picture sorting cards and we’ve been doing one of these little pages once a day.


And we used the Penguin Dash game again, this time for our reading words.



Around the World: Korea

We did many of the same activities this week as we did last week, continuing our tour of Asia with North & South Korea. Our geography incorporated a little math this week, too, learning about scales & measuring distance.




Hibernating Animals

I had plans to do a bigger unit on hibernating animals but never really got to that, either, except reading a few books. We did work on this Venn Diagram together, talking about how humans are like animals that hibernate and how we’re different. As long as I do the writing, L really seems to like these.


Snow Day

This is the main thing that got in the way of school this week. We’ve had unusual amounts of snow for our area & of course it’s a little too distracting to be doing schoolwork, especially when Daddy gets to stay home for the day. So we spent some time outside, learning about cold precipitation, making snowballs and snow cream. Of course, we didn’t miss nearly as much school as the public schools, and I’m so grateful we can take our days off when the weather is sunny and nice outside!

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Teeny Tot

My teeny tot is no longer teeny anymore, and started walking this past week! She loves climbing now and is in to everything! She also doesn’t nap in the morning anymore, so school has become much more challenging! Most of the time is spent roping the baby, changing out a movie for the 3-year-old and once in awhile checking up on the progress of the kindergartner doing a worksheet on her own. It’s definitely an adventure every day & a miracle we get anything done, but we’re making it work and most of the time loving every second!


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