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K5 Week 22-23



I’m not sure if it’s me or L that’s burned out on the Saxon worksheets, but regardless, I’ve stopped doing them for the most part. We’re still doing the lessons, but those worksheets get so monotonous. We’ll probably do one every now and then, or I’m considering getting an extra Math workbook with more colorful sheets for variety, but right now I’m just sticking to the lessons.

We practiced addition facts with a game I made up off the cuff. I wrote out numbers 0-10 on big pieces of paper. I picked an addition or subtraction flashcard and she had to jump to the answer. As a bonus, we played again with Little Brother and he just had to jump to the number I called out, since he is working on number recognition!


We worked on basic fractions, learning about different ways to make 1/2 and what shape you make when you divide a square in half. And we practiced with this Fraction Frenzy worksheet.

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Reading: Long Vowels

We’re still working on introducing long vowels, with a few games I found.

We sorted the long and short O vowel words.


I made up a “Feed the Monster” game, which can be used multiple times. I just decorated a Pringles can like a monster. Then I gave her some of our words written on half-sized index cards. If she could read it, she got to feed it to the monster. If not, she kept it. She didn’t really want to “feed” all of them to the monster, so I let her take a little liberty as long as she read the word correctly!


The baby wanted to play too. And also practice her fine motor skills by “dot painting” with her milk.


We played the Long Vowel Star Board Game, which reviewed long A, O & I. (I took the EE words out for our purposes.)


I made up a Long Vowel Challenge (I can’t remember where I got the idea from but I made this up myself) and she had to highlight the words with the long vowel sound, then find the total number of words with each vowel.


We learned about the Hard & Soft Sounds of C. After introducing the lesson on our white board, we did this worksheet (look under “Paper & Pencil Activities”, although the “Information” section has a really cool little video to introduce the concept!), and then played a BINGO review game.


L loves to make up stories, write cards & draw pictures. She decided she was going to make up her own story about Sofia the 1st, one of her favorite Princesses. She dictated the whole thing to me, then illustrated it. So many great skills, all while she had fun!




We’ve read quite a few books about snow, polar animals, and winter. Here are some of our favorites:

Product Details   Product DetailsProduct Details

Of course, if you search online there are tons of resources and activities to go along with the books, but more often than not, I like to just sit down with the kids and read them. I don’t want to suck all the fun out by making them do a worksheet or activity to go along with everything! L is a very good listener and can usually recall everything that happens in the book after just one reading. I used to love the little Preschool Packs that go along with classic stories (and I still do, to a point) but now most of the time I don’t find anything useful to us in them.

That being said, we did make up a little mini Polar Animal coloring book. (No link, I had to make it myself.) I made her write the name of the animal on each page by looking in the Animals in Winter book.



We also did a mini book about Bear Snores On, to talk about the concepts of “characters,” “setting”, and “main event.”

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In anticipation of Groundhog’s Day, we read a few Groundhog’s Day books and colored a paper groundhog. We glued him on a stick and then went to a dark closet with our flashlight to see if he would see his shadow. We incorporated a little science—learning about shadows & light. Both kids loved this. L loves any holiday and any excuse to celebrate!



Classical Conversations

We are up to Weeks 15 & 16 in Classical Conversations, and L is loving it! She has made some great friends and learned a lot. She is really improving in her attitude as far as having to always be first or always have a turn at something and learning how to let others be first sometimes. They have done some cool art projects the past few weeks, in the style of some famous artists. They’ve all loved painting. Their science projects have had to do with physics, which is something I am so terrible at, so I’m glad she’s getting the exposure to that!

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Around the World Unit: China & Japan

We’ve moved to Asia in our trip around the world. I think L is finally starting to gain some understanding of other cultures and how not everyone thinks like we do. She is appalled when I tell her how people don’t believe in Jesus and says we should “never go there!” So I’ve had chances to tell her about missions and how God loves all people and some people are called to tell others about Jesus.

I love the Around the World worksheets at They also have great paper dolls. We always look at Time for Kids to learn how to say a couple phrases in the native language. Then we read from our Children Just Like Me book, which is really very informative. If it is a new continent, we also look at animals of the area in our Animal Atlas. I always have good intentions to do a craft or make a recipe from the country but just never get around to it!

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We’re also doing some work here and there in our Beginning Geography book, learning about map scales & map symbols & keys.


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